I recently did Bandana’s Coaching Program for women who want to successfully date to meet men and ultimately find a new partner! I was really quite doubtful when I began this journey with Bandana, as I had already been single since a few years after my divorce. I had some negative ideas about online dating sites for ex and the whole thing gave me the creeps! Bandana helped me to approach dating a bit like a business, very logically, systematically and with a positive mindset. She guided me step by step the entire way and I know this is the reason for the shift and the success I’ve since experienced in this area! I’ve now learned the intricacies of dating, and I feel really confident which is reflected in the increased amount of attention I suddenly get from men. Most importantly I feel really balanced and stable in myself and I don’t get carried away with emotions because of the attention either… I feel very grateful to Bandana for facilitating this new stage in life for me, it couldn’t have worked out better for me and I’m very excited to announce that a mere few weeks later, I’m now dating a really high quality man!

Nitya Mahlynn Langstrom

Byron Bay, NSW

I was in a new relationship after a long time on my own. Bandana helped me navigate my thoughts as I went through the process of getting to know this new person in my life. I achieved a new mindset about my self-worth, how to work with and let got of negative thoughts so it did not ruin the good stuff in my life. As a result of working with Bandana Biswas, I feel stronger, more confident and empowered. I would recommend Bandana to anyone who wants to learn about themselves, the language we use about ourselves and how that effects what happens to us. You will learn things you didn’t even know where issues. She has made a huge difference to where I am at now and how my year turned out. Big thanks!

Mel Bradburn

The workshop gave me a whole new perspective on relationships. It was clear that one of the main reasons preventing some single women from taking the risk to dating and finding a worthwhile companion/partner is fear and that this needs to be overcome by changing one's mindset. The workshop was valuable and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, which was conducive to frank interaction amongst the workshop participants. It was a good precursor of how coaching from Bandana in another workshop or further one on one sessions can really be beneficial towards helping single ladies find that relationship they are looking for. Definitely worth going to and recommend.

B (Brisbane)

Thanks for the workshop. For me it provided not only an insight into how to approach dating but how to approach all our relationships. I enjoyed the science too - it helped describe what we can't see or feel going on, but is none-the-less present

D (Bisbane)

Thanks so much for the workshop last night I loved it!  Firstly it was a great subject to cover as very relevant to so many of us single ladies wanting to get out and date whether it be online or via meetups but are fearful and not sure how to go about it.  Just having you explain what being fearful does on an energy level and how that impacts on our results was very eye opening.  Loved the way you added the science behind it then explained how to overcome our fears and see them as just beliefs that can be changed as nothing is real, all is imagined through the filters of experience and what we are taught.  The really fantastic thing about the content is that it applies to all areas of life not just dating so I can really see a shift in the way I see so much else in my life.  Let me know when your doing another one so I can bring more people, the value you offer is great and it’s a fun way to learn about ourselves and what stops us from stepping out in life and trying new things.  Big thanks!

Mel (Brisbane)

Dr Bandana Biswas gave a presentation on personal development goals, behavioural profiles, and career targeting to the staff and students of the Centre of Integrative Legume Research at the University of Queensland. The presentation was excellent, leading to broad understanding of both the subject and the methodology of solving problems in the academic workplace. We highly recommend Dr Bandana Biswas, as she shows insight, knowledge, and human understanding in this critical field of personal development and management.

Professor Peter M. Gresshoff

University of Queensland

I cannot thank Bandana enough for the wonderful insights, support and encouragement she has provided me. I was mainly interested in developing myself professionally, I did not realize that certain beliefs or patterns of behaviour that affected my professional life were the exact same issues that affected me personally. When I committed to making the best of one aspect, and found strategies to assist me, I was also able to improve other aspects of my life, including parenting and relationships. Really, this is the person I always wanted to be but just did not know how to develop those skills. I would recommend Bandana Biswas to anyone who wants to develop their potential and wishes to open the door to the next phase of their life.

Theresa Smith

New South Wales

I felt like I was living life in ‘auto-pilot’ mode where it was easy to get consumed in things that made me busy for the sake of being busy. As a result of working with Bandana Biswas, I now feel conscious of my thoughts and actions, and further how these can rub off onto others. I’ve become more positive and calm, it’s allowed me to get on with things and be happy with myself. I would recommend Bandana to anyone that is looking to become reacquainted with their life direction. She asked questions of me in such a calm way that I felt very comfortable divulging information which I now realize I would have never thought to look so intensely at. Bandana’s sessions have given me the tools and the motivation I need to take control and continue moving forward in life.

Cameron French

Shenzhen/Guangdong Province/ P.R. China

When I started with Bandana, I stated that I wanted her to help me with being more organised with my time by helping me keep a diary and a to do list. I did not realise that the patterns of behaviour that affected my professional life were the same patterns that affected my personal life. With Bandana's help, I've been able to adopt a different way of thinking about myself. Thank you Bandana. I'm really enjoying the ride.

Eli ButlerHenderson

Bandana Biswas is a great coach. I have been teaching and coaching for over 20 years and I know what it takes to be a good at coaching. Before I started my sessions with Bandana I was interested in expanding my business in a new direction, but was having trouble getting started. My sessions have given me the direction and confidence I needed to get this business under way.

Michael Reibelt

Director of Riverside Fitness

I needed change in my life, to challenge myself and learn something new. I felt I could achieve way more, grow, discover something new but I was lost and bit stuck. For me the hardest thing was to start. With coaching I was able to move forward with my idea, create a plan and then execute it. As a result of working with Bandana, I now feel more focused, organised and confident. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to figure things out for themselves, introduce changes in to their professional or personal life but don't know where to start. Thank you Bandana for helping me focus, teaching me how to create a plan to reach my goals and giving me a bit of a push. Your guidance has helped me achieve my goals and I feel I can definitely let my dreams be bigger than my fears.

Kasia Dyja

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