I was in a new relationship

Thank you Bandana. I’m really enjoying the ride.
May 4, 2017
I felt I needed a change in my life
February 4, 2018

I was in a new relationship

I was in a new relationship after a long time on my own so it was helpful to have Bandana help me navigate my thoughts as I went through the process of getting to know this new person in my life. It always brings up lots of past issues and new ones you don’t know are there.

I achieved a new mindset about my self-worth, how to work with negative thoughts and it has really helped me to not let those negative thoughts and language drive me crazy or ruin the good stuff in my life.

“As a result of working with Bandana Biswas, I now feel stronger, more confident and I also got a bonus of working out I had a negative money story so am more empowered around abundance for myself.

“I would recommend Bandana Biswas to anyone who wants to learn about where there thoughts are at about themselves, the language we use about ourselves and the world around us and how that effects what happens to us. I also know you will learn things you didn’t even know where issues, she is very clever at pulling out the hidden things that subconsciously effect everyday outcomes and over time the big important things

Just loved working with Bandana, she has made a huge difference to where I am at now and how my year turned out….big thanks!!