Thank you very much for your sessions.

Testimonial for SURGE COACHING presentation (University of Queensland)
April 15, 2017
Thank you Bandana. I’m really enjoying the ride.
May 4, 2017

Thank you very much for your sessions.

Cameron French

Thank you very much for your sessions. I feel they have given me the tools and the motivation I need to take control and continue moving forward in life.

I felt like I was living life in ‘auto-pilot’ mode where it was easy to get consumed in things that made me busy for the sake of being busy. I have a great job, and great friends around me, but I was still losing my perspective and starting to hesitate.

I learned to look at things in life using another perspective. I was previously negative and being negative meant that I unnecessarily worried about too many things. I would focusing on a possible negative outcome and hesitate with an action instead of dealing with the problems at hand in a composed manor. It was revealed that I needed to change my outlook by keeping my language positive and focus on my success. Keeping a positive outlook seemed like an easy thing to do, but I could only do that if I could remember to be aware of myself and my thoughts. Only then can I stop my negative thoughts and become positive. Having these as goals for my daily activities has lifted my attitude and mood. With this, all the little things that happen throughout the day are not as big of a deal as I had previously made them out to be.

Bandana also gave me some important tools to help me with general focus and scheduling. This has increased my productivity, and ability to get things done in an order or priority.

As a result of working with Bandana Biswas, I now feel conscious of my thoughts and actions, and further how these can rub off onto others, enabling me to become aware and make the changes required to empower myself again. Now I’ve become more positive and calm, it’s allowed me to get on with things and be happy with myself.

I would recommend Bandana Biswas to anyone that is looking to become reacquainted with their life direction. Bandana asked questions of me in such a calm way that I felt very comfortable divulging information which now realize I would have never thought to look so intensely at.