When I started sessions with Bandana

Michael Reibelt
Bandana Biswas is a great coach
February 24, 2017
Testimonial for SURGE COACHING presentation (University of Queensland)
April 15, 2017

When I started sessions with Bandana


When I started sessions with Bandana, I had limited experience of transformational coaching. I tried coaching because a friend had become a coach herself, and it sounded like a perfect opportunity to make some changes to my life in relation to career and personal growth. Prior to commencing coaching, I had wanted to make some changes, but did not really know where to start or how to best go about it.

When I first approached Bandana whilst I was mainly interested in developing myself professionally, I did not realize that certain beliefs or patterns of behaviour that affected my professional life were the exact same issues that affected me personally. When I committed to making the best of one aspect, and found strategies to assist me, I was also able to improve other aspects of my life, including parenting and relationships.

As a result of working with Bandana, I have gone from doing the things that I need to do, in a very hurried, disconnected and sometimes disorganized manner to being the person that is better organized, planned and able to achieve goals. Really, this is the person I always wanted to be but just did not know how to develop those skills.

I now have sense of peace and calm and a solid feeling of being where I should be.  I am now able to set realistic goals and have the tools to achieve my goals and this has set me on the path to building a career that will give me everything that is important to me.  I would not have been able to do it without Bandana.

I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown better and are more satisfying.

I cannot thank Bandana enough for the wonderful insights, support and encouragement she has provided me. I would recommend Bandana Biswas to anyone who wants to develop their potential and wishes to open the door to the next phase of their life.