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March 5, 2017
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March 10, 2017

Scientists can be Life Coaches too.

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I’m often asked how I transitioned from a scientist to a life coach. Are the two careers very different or can the skills be transferable from one to the other?

If you could see the journey that I have travelled over the last 15 years, it probably isn’t surprising that I have changed careers dramatically. In 2002, I was a woman without a career after giving it up to get married and have children. I was unfulfilled, overweight, and extremely unhappy. Without simplifying it too much, I decided to change and set some goals. I transformed who I was and where I was going. It is from that journey and the strategies which I used that I believe can help others in achieving their goals.

Meanwhile, it may be hard to believe but there’s not too much difference between scientists and life coaching. In science we start with a hypothesis, we do experiments and prove or disprove our hypothesis! I have done the same in my life coaching career. I have a hypothesis that every human being has far more potential than they are now using. I ‘experiment’ on my clients, and I have proven repeatedly that the hypothesis is correct!!

When my clients first come to me with a ‘problem’, I get excited because I know that this little problem they bring is not a problem at all. The real ‘problem’ is that they are not aware of what they are capable of. As the awareness dawns on them, the initial problem becomes insignificant and they get focussed on transforming their lives. Doing things, they really want to do but were too afraid to contemplate.

What are you not aware of today? What safe ‘problem’ are you hiding behind? Let’s investigate this together? Let’s put your life under the microscope, let’s form some hypotheses, let’s prove them right!!

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