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How can you be sure he’s really the one for you?


Falling in love is a truly magical experience. At the beginning, the attraction is strong, and everything seems perfect. But as the weeks and months go by, the challenges and frustrations of sharing life with another person starts to show up. That’s when we often ask the question ‘Is he really right for me?’. It is important to take the time to answer the question, but quite often we convince ourselves he is ‘the one’. We ignore the red flags because it is easier. We choose the wrong partner and then wonder why our relationships are not working.

So, how to tell if he is the right guy for you. First of all, don’t fall under the trap of believing that if you love him enough, everything will work out. Love is important, but love is not enough to make a relationship work. What is needed is compatibility. Here are the four crucial tips / relationship advice for women to look out for –

#1 Check whether you share common values?

Our core values make us who we are and effect all the decisions and choices we make in life, including religion, careers, political beliefs and how we spend our time. It is unlikely that we can be happy with someone whose core values are in conflict with our own. Many people are not clear about what their core values are, so it’s important to spend some time getting to know yourself and what is important to you, if you are going to find a compatible match.

#2 Is your life-style compatible with your partners?

Though it is not essential to have everything in common, your overall lifestyle needs to be compatible for the relationship to survive long-term. If you are a fitness fanatic and your partner prefer the couch, chances are it will lead to frustrations and resentments. Make a check list of things that are important to you. Is your partner into them as well? If not, is it a deal breaker? Take the time to honestly assess them at the start, so as to avoid heartbreaks down the track.

#3 Does your partner have any one the following flows that make a relationship impossible?

No one is perfect, we all have our flows. Yet, there are certain flows which make it very challenging for a relationship. Relationships are hard enough without these fatal flows, so identifying them early, and avoiding getting involved with someone with them makes a lot of sense. So here are what to look out for –

  • Addictions – a person with an addiction is not a free person, his addictive substance will have a strong hold on him, and you will always come after it.
  • Anger – Living with an angry person is like living with a time bomb, you never know when it is going to go off. You will always be living with tension and fear, never relaxing.
  • Control Freak – We all want to have some control of our lives, but a control freak will do anything to avoid feeling out of control. They have a difficult time opening up, won’t admit they need you, get upset easily, are highly possessive and jealous.
  • Emotionally Unavailable – Purpose of a healthy relationship is to be open and trusting, which is really hard for an emotionally unavailable person, who cannot show emotions or talk about their feelings.
  • Hasn’t Recovered from Past Relationship – The more anger and resentment a person carries towards a previous partner, the less capable they are of loving in the present. And it’s the same with feelings of guilt and responsibility, so avoid a person if they fit this description.

#4 Does your partner have poor communication habits?

Although I have placed this point at the end of my list of relationship advice for women, but this is very important and sensitive. Everyone has a different communication style and for a relationship to succeed, it is mandatory that you and your partner figure out how to effectively communicate with each other. Look out for communication habits that make it extra difficult for a relationship, such as lying, interrupting often, not being open about problems, texting instead of speaking face to face, getting defensive and bringing up the past during arguments.

If you’re looking for relationship advice for women, keep these 4 tips in mind. It’ll help you experience better relationships and have a better love life too!

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