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5 mistakes women make in the beginning of a relationship

5 biggest mistakes women make in the beginning of a relationship

The beginning of a relationship is very important for ensuring the success of the relationship. A lot of disappointment and heartache could be avoided if only people paid more attention at the beginning. Here I have listed the five mistakes many women make at the beginning –

1. Not asking enough questions

Most people ask more questions when they are buying a car than they do when deciding about their future mate. Often the reason for this is that asking questions is not seen as romantic. However, asking your partner questions to find out more about them, is the only intelligent way to really get to know someone.

2. Ignoring warning signs of potential problems

You may notice something about your partner that should signal you to be cautious, but you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to ignore it. You might do this by minimising it’s importance, making excuses or rationalising the behaviour. This might seem like a loving or tolerant decision in the moment, but is a sure way to set yourself up for eventual disappointment.

3. Giving into lust blindness

The feeling of lust can seduce you into believing you are compatible with people when really you just have sexual attraction. You are in love with the passion, not necessarily the person. Try and get to know everything you can about this person before you sleep with them to avoid being under the influence of lust blindness.

4. Giving in to material seduction

Unfortunately, our society places greater emphasis on outer rather than inner wealth and accomplishment, so it’s easy to fall prey to material seduction when choosing your partner. It’s a mistake to place exaggerated value on money and prestige a man can offer, and in the process, neglect to discover what kind of heart and soul your prospective partner possesses.

5. Making commitment more important than compatibility

Some women are addicted to the idea of ‘falling in love’, and become seriously involved in relationships before giving much thought to whether the person is really right for them or not. If you are going too fast, there is a good chance that you are making an emotional commitment to your partner before you know him very well. You may need to stop for a moment, slow down and take your time to discover the relationship before jumping in head first.

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