Horticultural Business Coaching

Are you a business which deals with plants?

Would you like your business to be more successful and profitable but don’t know how to go about achieving that?

A business coach can help you clarify your vision for where you want your business to be and then plan and prioritise what goals and strategies are needed to get you there. Many highly successful businesses attribute their success to a business coach. However, a lot of business coaches fail to get their clients the result they want because their coaching is not relevant to the industry.

We have a background in plant science and strong connection to University of Queensland and assess to plant science laboratories. Therefore, we not only help you achieve your business goals, we also help assist in improving your plant performance.

  1. Business Coaching – Medium to long term strategic planning.
    • Competitor analysis
    • Carve out a niche
    • Market dynamics / market share analysis
    • Goal setting and execution
    • Team Coaching
  2. Team Coaching –
  3. Plant Science Consultation –
    • Plant health diagnostics
    • Literature reviews