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Are you an Impostor, really?

Are you an Impostor, really?

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Have you ever worried that people are going to realise you are not good at what you do and will call you out on it? Do you believe you are an impost0r? Do you believe you don’t deserve your success? You know that feeling that despite people’s praise, you don’t feel very accomplished.

It might be hard to believe but you are not alone.

Surprisingly, some of the most highly successful people don’t feel they deserve to be where they are; that somehow their achievements were all a fluke, or they downplay anything they have done as being insignificant.

It’s what is called “Impostor Syndrome”. Some experts say no one is immune to it with up to 70% of people estimated to feel like an Impost0r.

Let’s be clear here. It’s not the same of those people who knowingly go out and deceive people into thinking they are something they are not, whether these may be the serial narcissists, super low-achievers, or people just not in their right mind.

It’s true many people experience that self-doubt that feeds the Impostor Syndrome but the key is whether you regularly or occasionally give into the fear of failing, looking foolish or not being enough that stops you from taking the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Interestingly enough, it is high achievers who often fall under the Impost0r Syndrome. They set the bar so high for themselves, they never have the chance to reach it.

But untreated, people can develop anxiety, low self-confidence, depression, shame, and self-doubt.

What are some of the ways you can help yourself when you feel like a fraud?

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.
  2. Own Your Success.
  3. Hold onto Your Aspirations.
  4. Focus on What You Bring and Not on Perfection.

If Impostor Syndrome is stopping you from reaching your potential and if it’s a challenge to see the positives of who you are, it might be the time to talk to someone and work out exactly what is holding you back and what you need to do to move forward.

There are already many people who want to bring you down without you being one of them. Find your tribe, love yourself and celebrate the person you are. There is only one life and you need to make the most of it.



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